High-power technology
Fast bidirectional power supplies AL3000R
Fast bidirectional DC power supplies high performance
IGBT multilevel Tecnology
  • power from 5KW up to 500KW
  • voltage from 10V up to 1200V
  • in parallel up to 4MW
  • slew rate down to 500microS
  • modular assembly
  • constant power models CP
  • efficiency >95%
  • Operating mode CV / CC / constant power
  • internal resistor simulation
  • can be controlled from front panel, serial, inputs
  • design table rack, built-in rack, cabinet
  • CV accuracy better than 0.2%
  • CC accuracy better than 0.3%
  • low output ripple
  • insulated output
  • PC control software
    • Typical applications for AL3000R series are the capability of operating in two quadrants sink and source, where fast response times are requested, They can be used as battery recharger and discharger, battery simulator, test of coils, trafo, electrical motors, inverters too